About Us

Zipit Masks operates under MNC Imports, a small business with a founder who has 25 years of experience in custom apparel with technical materials. Both Zipit Masks and MNC Imports built their roots in Ontario, Canada and have developed bases in Southern California. In both locations our team has recognized the need for masks that won’t just keep our customers safe, but can be a fun fashion statement for the whole family. 



How Zipit is Making a Difference

Since its conception, MNC Imports have been donating masks to localcommunity organizations and physicians in Southern California. At Zipit we want to continue helping out in our community, so we will be donating 1 mask to a frontline worker for every 5 masks purchased on this website. We at Zipit and MNC Imports want to ensure we are making a positive impact within our communities, as we believe in the times we are currently facing, it is more important than ever to help out our neighbours. 



Zipit Masks aims to constantly provide high quality masks to help protect you and those that you love. With our range of designs and custom bulk order options, Zipit Masks has something for anyone to wear and feel confident in not only how it looks, but also in the protection it provides for you as you head out into the world.